1. Print out this webpage
  2. Complete this form in full and mail a check made payable to MMSD-TV to:
    MMSD-TV - Duplication Request, Rm 222
    545 W. Dayton St.
    Madison, WI 53703
  3. Duplication Guidelines
    • Fill out one order form for each video program requested.
    • Cost = $10.00 per DVD ($12.00 per graduation DVD).
    • Check or Money Order only. (Sorry, we cannot accept cash or credit cards.)
    • Allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery.
    • Copy will be sent via U.S. Mail to address provided.
    • Fee for service must be paid in advance.
    • Duplication services limited to no more than 5 copies of any program per year.

Name of MMSD-TV program to be duplicated:                                                                         

(Please describe the program if title is unknown.)

Your name:                                                                         

Your phone:                                                                         

Your address:                                                                        

Your City:                                                                          State:         Zip:                     

Your e-mail:                                                                      

Number of copies: (circle one) 1 2 3 4 5

$10 per copy  ($12.00 per graduation DVD)

Check or Money Order only.
Sorry, we cannot accept cash or credit cards.

MMSD complies with all copyright laws.